Medical Connectors

Cost reduction

Off the shelf (OTS) connectors have two limiting qualities. First, these connectors typically cost significantly more than a one piece overmolded touchproof connector. The second is the same reason for their popularity; a generic design. We have found that some of our customers prefer to have more control of the cables that connect to their devices. A "one size fits all" approach does not always work for these types of customers. The best way to add control to these cables is to make a proprietary custom connector. Creating a custom connector also prevents other competitors from pushing into your product line.

In the past we did not have a cost effective custom option for a six pole connector. Now we do! Recently a project where this became important was for a customer who had a audiological screening application which needed six connections. We were able to displace an expensive Lemo connector with a more cost effect custom option our 601 a six pole touchproof connector. Not only was it more cost effective, but the custom cable was transformed into a more streamlined industry signature shape.

The 601 connector was developed to handle the growing need of our customers who have more pin connection demands and who want a more cost effective alternative to expensive generic medical connectors. The 601 series has the option of mating to a right or straight PCB mounted jack or an in-line touchproof connector.