Meet Rob!

Rob, a Cobot, is the newest type of “employee” at P1. Cobot is the short term for a collaborative robot. This type of robot is specifically built and programmed to work safely with humans.

Advantages of Using Custom Connectors

Electronic devices are getting smaller and smaller and engineers are beginning to face challenges when they accept standard off the shelf connectors to meet their needs. If your design can not afford to be compromised, then customization is the solution.

Cost Reduction Expensive Medical Connectors

Off the shelf (OTS) connectors have two limiting qualities. First, these connectors typically cost significantly more than a one piece overmolded touchproof connector. The second is the same reason for their popularity; a generic design. We have found that some of our customers prefer to have more control of the cables that connect to their devices. A “one size fits all” approach does not always work for these types of customers.

What is a Contract Manufacturer

Contract manufacturing offers highly skilled workers, leveraging their knowledge and experience to quickly and efficiently grow your business. Contract manufacturers offer three major benefits to businesses: large resource of knowledge, offloading work (increased workloads or non-core competencies) and cost savings (material/wages).

USB Type C Connector & 3.1 Standard

he standard size USB (Universal Serial Bus) connector, along with the operation of the USB, has stayed relatively the same since 1996, outliving the USB 1, 2 and 3.0 standards. The standard USB is the connector you see on almost every computer peripheral device such as, keyboard, mouse, camera, and jump drive. It is so popular that we use them to modularize connection between the cellphone and a wall power supply. There has been a variety of alternative form factors on the other end of the standard size USB, but the old way of thinking has remained relatively the same.

IEM Music Cables: Sound Quality vs. Durability

There has been, and most likely will always be, a spirited debate of which type of In-Ear Monitor (IEM) cable is the best. Should you buy copper or silver? Maybe silver plated copper? Maybe tinsel wire verses stranded? There are more options available in the world than the average consumer cares to comprehend. Factor in the difference between casual music listening, stage performance and true audiophile sound quality. The listening environment changes from one to another.

ISO 13485, Medical devices

Every user, distributor or prescriber of any type of medical device wants confidence that the device will perform as intended. Part of that confidence comes from the knowledge that the medical device manufacture is held to stringent regulatory requirements

Cable Terminology

A list of terms and definitions that are used and some of the more common synonyms. This list was created so we can not only help our customers more effectively but as a teaching tool for ourselves as sometimes we get locked into our own internal terminology.

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